I tell springboard stories that explain how human capital becomes «creative capital». My animations allow audiences to grasp - from the story context - how complex issues can be managed and how problems can be solved.

With my
Lessons from the jungle... themes, I teach participants how Nature's empowerment strategies can help them overcome personal and professional challenges.

My methods have an impact because I not only share valuable information but I galvanize the ideas taught into empowering realizations. Explaining the tools needed to be creative leaders, my multimedia animations demystify important ideas like self-motivation, adaptability, strategy, intelligence and teamwork.

I explain why Nature favours leaders who invest in creative growth - their own and their team's. The
Lessons from the jungle training themes include:
  1. How Nature favours creative leaders
  2. How Nature manages complexity and change!
  3. How Nature’s rule include SELF-motivation and Strategy!
  4. How humans are creative and innovative!
  5. The jungle champions empowered teams.
  6. When innovation is natural…
  7. How to prosper in a predator-prey environment!
  8. How to see the INTERNET as a “cyber-jungle”
  9. Nature’s 9 principles of self-management.


The Way Of Jaguar-kings storyboards help leaders build powerful teams. They are about a mythic entrepreneurial culture from prehistory America ...

The teachings show that, like them, anyone can embody Nature's rules for empowerment, adapt its strategies and, as a result, create « a high performance team».

The Jaguar-kings are sorcerer-scientists from Mexico and tropical America who civilized a complex jungle world millennia ago, They created a very prosperous empire by exploring and then adopting altruistic self-interest as Nature's creating Intent. My stories tell about Lord Quetzalcoatl - the feathered serpent - who is portrayed as an authentic leader. I tell how to acquire power and wisdom by being a strategic thinker as did the Jaguar-kings.

The way of Jaguar-kings training themes include:

  1. The Myth That Empowered America’s 1st Leaders
  2. Creative Intent: Decoding Nature’s SELF-Management Rules
  3. The Secret Of the Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
  4. « Ascension and the Soul»
  5. Expanding Your M.I.N.D.* - (*Move in new dimensions)
  6. The 5 Arts Of Leadership
  7. A Primer on SELF-Actualization
  8. Building a High Performance Team
  9. The Alchemy Of Prosperity

"I take this opportunity to express, on behalf of myself and every member of our senior management team, our most sincere appreciation and congratulations for your presentation made during the Arborite National Sales Meeting, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Your thought provoking principles are forcing individuals to take a long and hard look and to evaluate their own ability to make sound management decisions. "Thinking outside the box" and creativity are 2 skills that managers need to cultivate. I thank you for your support" Arborite Canada

"The «team building» and strategic planning weeks you organized and led in Costa Rica will be etched in our memories for a long time. These unique experiences greatly contributed to the personal developpement of each one of us and thereby to the development of our skills as leaders and managers."
Dìnec Furniture Manufacturing

"Thank you again for your participation at our team meeting. We all truly appreciated your inspiring vision on creative leadership and the tools to help achieve an evolution in mindset. Our takeaways from our "experience" were all different and we all agreed that we need to continue digesting the tools and ideas to effectively enhance our work habits. and then communicate the material to our teams. The books will be good reminders of the thoughts and concepts. On a personal note, I appreciated the professionalism you demonstrated in the preparation of this session: listening to client's needs, timeliness, customization of material, etc. It was a delight working with both of you and wish you continued success in sharing this vision of life and business work with others." The Royal Bank Of Canada