The Jungle Times is written by training consultant Lawrence Poole. Lawrence is president of Gestion Consult-IIDC Management Inc., in Montreal, Quebec, (Canada) and co-founder of the International Institute for Creative Development in San Isidro (Perez Zeledòn), Costa Rica. With his life-partner Suzy Ethier, he has taught thousands of leaders across Canada and in several European countries how Nature’s management strategies benefit people and organizations. The author of several books - including a textbook on creative self-empowerment, Lawrence is an inspiring trainer and conference speaker. His Lessons from the jungle... brand demystifies important ideas that are championed in Nature. A paraplegic, he tells springboard stories to explain how Nature manages complex systems.

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Lessons from the jungle... » empowerment training.
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Who am I?

"An author, trainer and conference speaker, I've written several books including the textbook
SELF-Empowerment, and Invest in your creative capital. With my life-partner Suzy Ethier, I wrote the French best seller Investissez dans votre capital créatif, explaining creative development. My latest book is Les leçons de la jungle... where I tell 50 stories inspired by Nature that explain personal and organizational success. An English version will follow. Over the years, I've published dozens of articles in several magazines and blogs. Suzy and I have also written dozens of training programs for major Companies, Associations and Government Departments to explain " Nature manages itself." Lately, I’ve been an appreciated storyteller and conference speaker. Click here to see me at work!

« I teach the management strategies favored in Nature... »

My appreciation for
Nature as a management school was triggered by my traumatic car accident 38+ years ago. The short version is - I hydroplaned my car one stormy night and hit a pole on the TransCanada Highway at 70 mph (115 kph).

I survived the long version which included 4 near-death-experiences, 6 weeks in an ICU, on a respirator, and months in hospital before I could come out to play. If the tale be told, the accident has so far cost me more than 3 years of my life flat on my back in hospital beds. I experienced how seconds are very slow when a respirator is breathing for you. I know there 60 long seconds to every minute. 60 eternal minutes in every hour... every day... for weeks... and months.

In the accident, the car's steering wheel collapsed my chest, broke my ribs, sternum, clavicle, spinal column, arm and hip. It fractured my skull. My ribs on my left side ripped into my lungs. The steering wheel dinged my aorta and damaged my spinal cord so as to leave me completely paralyzed from the armpits down.

After rehab I was given a life-expectancy of 5-7 years because of the extensive internal damages. Everything had broken
and I had a new way of seeing. I thought I was « the luckiest man on Earth ». Who gets a second chance? Even if jobless, severely disabled and in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, in a largely inaccessible environment (try to wheelchair in a Canadian winter), I eagerly faced the hard task of rebuilding myself.

In that quest, my first idea was to discover what had given me the most joy until my life was suddenly interrupted. I needed to find passion for living and as I had a steep road to climb, I saw no joyful promise by looking ahead. I looked within and realized that the moments which had given me the greatest happiness until that impact were all related to Nature. From my earliest memories I loved playing in the fields and exploring the forests of Québec. Young, I was an avid camper, a fisherman, an amateur naturalist and photographer, a skier and much more... Nothing tickled me more than cooking over a campfire for my family after a day in wilderness.

Even if destitute and largely immobile,
I promised: If God grants me more life, I’ll find myself alone in the woods.

« The jungle manages an incredible complexity...
where thousands of species can co-exist in a hectare. »

As soon as I could and with no specific intent except to experience the joy of it, I gave the little time I thought I had left, all the energy and strength I could muster, to trekking green spaces near my home. In time I traveled further and further afield. Since, I've seen Canada - from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island and the Great White North to James Bay in Quebec and Peace River in BC. I also went South through the US - visiting the Appalachia, Ozark and Great Smoky Mountains, into the deserts of Texas and Mexico. I criscrossed Central America from Guatemala to Panama's Darien Gap.

I've experienced incredible storms, many earthquakes, a few tornadoes, a few landslides, ice-storms and snow blizzards. I've outstanding eco-adventures of every description and appreciated amazing sites and vistas.

Trekking into Nature was the best decision I ever made. I've contemplated supreme Intelligence and resolved all my
whys and wherefores ...

In Nature, I found a highly complex world of
systems within systems. First I was bemused by its complete logic, then I was amazed by its creative strategy and finally I was impassioned by its fierce beauty. I explored its creative INTENT ...and kept notes. A passion for understanding the intelligence animating the world fuels me still. Specifically it helped rebuff predictions for my early demise. As it turns out, Nature's creative “Ørder” responds to joyful action

this site, I share some of what I found... how Nature favours empowered leaders. Every member of every species must be adapt_able in order to fill that destiny. We should recognize that Nature also champions strategic thinkers. Giving value to 3 forms of capital, Nature's intelligence is hierarchical and situational. It empowers systems to be creative and innovative as it governs 9 principles that organize complex systems into Ørder.

Why «
Lessons from the jungle... » ?

wheelchair treks into the wilderness began humbly enough and close to home. I wanted to understand what I experienced in my near death experiences. I questioned the “Light” I'd experienced and identified as God. My explorations and discoveries pulled me deeper into contemplation. I accessed wilderness areas whenever I could and I kept pushing my limits. I'm happy to confirm that feeding my passion nourished my broken body and gave me the energy and the power to overcome my limits.

All my stories will have a happy ending because here I am alive
and so the luckiest man on Earth. Back then, often stopped next to a trail waiting for my shoulders and arms to rest so my muscles could do a little more work, I noticed things. I saw Nature's patterns... Its creating Intent.

I learned Nature’s strategies, syntheses, rules and tools as they apply to individuals and organizations. Years ago,
Suzy and I synthesized my notes and wrote a first book. Since, by animating the springboard stories in my « Lessons from the jungle... » brand, Suzy and I have taught thousands of people in America and Europe how to invest in their creative capital.

My book explains how to develop your creative mind.

A trainer and respected conference speaker (See the testimonial page), I’m billed as - THE ONLY RESEARCHER ON EARTH WHO TREKS TROPICAL JUNGLES... IN A WHEELCHAIR. My "Lessons from the jungle..." brand conferences are multimedia events that explain Nature's strategies - for change, to manage complex situations, on strategic thinking, leadership and much more.

Animated at your place of business or corporate event, my empowering presentations are designed to
transform human capital into creative capital. As such, I demystify how complex organizations - individuals, companies or Nations - can increase their wealth: By adding value to their structural capital, their client capital and their creative capital.

«Structural capital» describes what a structure does... what it contributes to the whole. In a social sense, more properly it’s what individuals and organizations do, what we contribute to the whole of society or community. Capital value is given to those ideas, methods, patents, recipes, material goods, edifices and equipments that are exclusively owned and that determine what the structure does. Nature values: "What we do!"

«Client capital» describes the value of relationships between the structures. In that a relationship exists or that can be developed with whomever consumes the structural capital, contributes to it. (ex. customers and suppliers, collaborators, employees). Nature values: "Who we do it for, and who we do it with!" What kind of relationships can you build that will add value to your structural capital? Because Nature values relationships and trade.

And then «Creative capital» is the knowledge and experience of the human capital when adding value to structural capital and/or client capital. Of those three ways to invest time, energy and resources, Nature suggests the one that will assure adaptability, sustainability and continued prosperity is to invest in developing your « creative capital ». That’s your most important asset because it is what adds value to, or what sabotages, the other two.

Heuristic training shortens the learning curve!

My « multimedia presentations » transform
human capital into creative capital. Consider how your organization's « creative capital » determines and influences the fate of both your client relations and your physical, material and structural resources. That Creative capital plans the future of enterprise and so it must be the organization's most astute investment. Compared to investing in structural or client capital, developing the creative intelligence of the human resources has an exponential potential ...and a much lower cost. It also has an immediate pay-back and its return on investment is continuous and quantum.

In a knowledge-based economy «
creative capital » quickly becomes a tangible asset when it is unleashed to improve production, productivity, products and services, and to better serve customers, to capture markets and to perfect management processes. It offers exponential worth if it’s seen as the key to sustained innovation and prosperity.

So how will Suzy and I unleash your team’s creative potential? We'll tell them all about Nature's #1 management strategy: Altruistic self-interest.

What if every member of your team had the same motivation, drive, initiative and leadership skills as a visionary CEO…

Nature’s laws are simple: Survive & Prosper. Both require growth. We know that the solution to a problem CANNOT be found by the same level of thinking than that which caused the problem. You can be rea
ctive or creative... depending how we "c" it. Our learning programs balance left-brain logic and right-brain emotional experience so that participants use the information that is animated in a context that assures their buy-in. They "aha" and marvel at Nature's deep wisdom every step of the way.

In spite of seeming chaotic and turbulent history and even of radical changes in direction, Nature's creative INTENT can easily be summarized as “
Survival of the wisest!” The wise being we who adapt to new conditions. This new information age requires new thinking. Unfortunately the strategies taught in business school everywhere are adapted from the tactics of war. Nature is not at war. It's strategies begin with interdependence and self-organization and then evolve from there.

Read my
Blog for more of the deep wisdom that is found by contemplating Nature, and discover how the jungle's rules are universal - it does not play favourites. Nature's laws profit everyone.

Call me at (514) 481-2835 or write to me and we'll discuss how I can benefit you and your team.

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