Author of several books - including a textbook on creative empowerment - Lawrence Poole is an inspiring speaker. His Lessons from the jungle... training demystifies important ideas about self-empowerment as championed in Nature. A paraplegic, he is often billed as the only researcher on Earth who treks jungles in a wheelchair. Lawrence tells springboard stories to explain how Nature manages complex systems. With his life-partner Suzy Ethier, he has taught more than 50,000 leaders across Canada and several European countries Nature’s management strategies.

In his own words…

"I wrote a text book called
SELF-Empowerment. With Suzy, I also wrote a French best seller called «Investissez dans votre capital créatif» that both demystify personal power. Our latest book is called «Les leçons de la jungle... » where we tell 50 short stories inspired by Nature to explain seven aspects of personal and organizational success.

Over the years, I've written five books, dozens of
magazine articles, several blogs and a podcast - all to explain Nature's management rules. Suzy and I also wrote training programs for a variety of Companies, Associations and Government Departments to explain " Nature organized and manages complex systems."

« I teach the management strategies favoured in Nature... »

My deep appreciation for Nature as a management school was triggered by a traumatic automobile accident 45+ years ago. The short version of that story is this - I hydroplaned my car and hit a pole at 70 mph (115 kph) on the TransCanada Highway one stormy night. I survived the long version which included 4 near-death-experiences, 6 weeks in the ICU on a respirator and months in hospital. If the whole story be told, the accident has cost me about 5 years of my life spent flat on my back in various hospital beds, and more than 45 years in a wheelchair. I've had moments that were agonizingly painful and others filled with joy. As I was only given life-expectancy of 5-7 years because of the extensive internal damages, every day past that deepened my belief that I'm « the luckiest man on Earth ». After all - Who gets a second chance?

Why «
Lessons from the jungle... » ?
More than a metaphor, Lawrence draws from the deep wisdom he found in Nature that explain its rules and tools as they apply to the success of individuals and organizations. With his
springboard stories and training adventures, with Suzy, he's taught thousands of people in Canada and Europe to invest in their creative capital.

My book explains how to develop a creative mind.

Delivered to your place of business or to a corporate event, his presentations are designed to demystify how complex systems - like individuals, companies or Nations - can increase their wealth. Lawrence shows people how to add value to their structural capital, to their client capital and to their creative capital.

Of those 3 ways to invest time, energy and resources, Nature suggests that to assure sustainability and prosperity is to invest in our « creative capital ». It's our most important asset because it can adds value, or can sabotages, the other two forms of capital.


Heuristic training shortens the learning curve!

Heurism describes techniques that engage both brain hemispheres in an apprenticeship. Heuristic learning involves self-discovery and as such Lawrence's training approach is behavioural. Consider how an organization's « creative capital » determines and influences the fate of both its client relations and its physical and material structural resources. The organization's creative capital plans, strategizes and manages the future of enterprise so it is its most important asset.

Suzy Ethier and Lawrence Poole will transform your human capital into
creative capital by developing the intelligence of participants with proven training techniques. Build a collaborative vision and share goals and strategies and discover an exponential value in your team building efforts …and the return on your investment is continuous, and quantum. In a knowledge-based economy « creative capital » has become a tangible asset as it can be focused on improving production, productivity, products and services, and to better serve customers, capture markets and perfect management processes. Investing in creative capital should be seen as the key to sustained innovation and prosperity."

What if every member of your team had the same motivation,
drive, initiative and leadership skills as a visionary CEO…

Nature’s law is simple: Survive & Prosper. Its creative INTENT is easily summarized as “Survival of the wisest!” Wise means we who can adapt to new conditions. Read Lawrence's Blog and listen to his Podcast for more of the deep wisdom found in Nature. Discover how the jungle's rules are universal as Nature does not play favourites. The law can profit everyone. Call Suzy at (514) 481-2835 or write me to discuss how they can benefit you and your team. Thanks for reading. Kindest regards -