Specialized in leadership training since 1987, Suzy Ethier and I teach leaders and managers how to think strategically. Our methods use educational adventures that provide a heuristic experience to shorten the learning curve. Our training inspires people to develop their personal and professional talents and skills, motivating them to invest in their creative capital.

THE NEED FOR THINKING THAT PRODUCES INNOVATION: In a recent survey, more than 1500 leaders reported that the world is more uncertain than ever before. IBM's Leadership Study informed us that managing complexity is the most important challenge that managers face. The study underlined how gradual change no longer works in a climate that has altered our fundamental ways of functioning. It concludes by asserting - New strategies are required. - warning us that: "...even if leaders recognize they have to innovate in order to satisfy the changing world, they have a lot of trouble finding the creative thinking they need in their environment."

Managing complexity requires a unified response to the conditions that allow an organization to succeed: Management must add value to the organization's
Structural capital, its Client capital and its Creative capital. As such, (1) Leaders must attract and acquire talent who can provide them with operational and situational dexterity, who can add value to the organization's structural capital; (2) Management teams have to re-invent customer relations so as to enhance their organization's client capital; and (3) Organizations must embody the strategic thinking that inspires and transforms human capital into creative capital.

Our offer:
We design in-house training programs that transfer the knowledge decision-makers need to manage complex situations and creatively solve problems. With a designed learning adventures, managers and key collaborators will acquire the syntheses, tools, techniques and templates that facilitate decision-making and problem-solving. We'll teach you how to think in response to a vision of self-empowered leadership and sustainable prosperity.

Advantages and benefits of our training for participants (and organizations) include:
  1. They will know how to optimize their own creative capital (and thus the organization's );
  2. They will know how to add value to the organization’s structural capital and its client capital;
  3. They will know how to how to apply proven rules of success as they will understand management strategies;
  4. They will have acquired important tools and techniques for strategic thinking;
  5. They will know how to manage complexity;
  6. They will have acquired syntheses and templates that enhance creative thinking;
  7. They will have used skills that deal with instability and unpredictable and uncertain events;
  8. They will learn to increase their ability to work with empowered teams and to generate winning ideas;
  9. They will sharpen their capacity to analyze projects, challenges and opportunities;
  10. They will know how to maximize their intellectual flexibility and performance;
  11. They will know how to mobilize teams and workers around common interests;
  12. They will know how to inspire collaborators to be more creative.

We have a full range of learning techniques:
  • Multimedia conferences and seminars that explore, inspire and stimulate the organization’s «creative capital»
  • Seminars and activities that transfer information on creative self-empowerment and strategy
  • One-on-One Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • LEAN™ Management Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Mentoring
  • Communication and persuasion strategies
  • Visionary and strategic planning
  • Corporate retreats based on empowering leaders.

Professional fees: Depending on the mandate, our services are billed by the hour, per day, or on retainer basis. In Quebec, depending on a company’s salary base, our interventions benefit from 1% income tax credit. Aspects of manpower development may qualify for a 50% government subsidy.

In conclusion: Innovation is the driving force of the economy and of society. In a world undergoing deep transformations, the future depends on the capacity to adapt to changing times. As such, organizations must transform their human capital into creative capital.

Did you know that every 1.$ invested in empowerment training will generates 3$ in new economic activity? Invest in your « creative capital » as it is clearly the shortest path to prosperity! Rather than merely survive, learn how to thrive in a world that’s changing at the speed of thought.

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