We are perceivers! This is probably the most significant discovery of the second half of the 20th. century. We perceive a world that is "out-there" by interpreting it "in-here" …in the realm called « brain/mind ». Our perception is dualistic… in a universe that is clearly not.

We have found that the individual mind is a result of the interaction between an objective or
transpersonal "consciousness" - i.e. universal energy - and a subjective brain. Your perceptions of daily life involve how "consciousness" assembles information from your brain's neurons.

"How you think" establishes patterns that, once assembled, become templates for reality. Change your templates... and you change your relationship to the world "out there".
Making up our mind is - in large measure - a reaction to our emotions (aka our energy-in-motion).

Science has found that - aware of it or not - we react
emotionally. Our mood determines what neural patterns are assembled in our brain. Our emotions release hormones that select neurotransmitters that direct and redirect the brain's synapses. To use a modern analogy, our emotions are the software to our brain's hardwired potential. From a wide inventory of possible responses to any given situation, our mood will determine what pattern of neurons are assembled.

We are perceivers - i.e.
we make up our minds. We can become increasingly more creative and intelligent by realizing that we "assemble" our mind with our experiences. Understand the GI/GO - Garbage in, garbage out - programming, versus GSI/GSO - Great stuff in and Great stuff out that compose an individual's life.

We were apparently born with a hundred billion neurons, and we can create brand new ones at will. All of these can be linked in trillions of ways… so we really do have genius potential. But we'll grin like apes at the prospect and go back to business as usual, setting aside this amazing data. Following the path of least resistance, like wearing worn slippers, we prefer to live in our
good old neural paradigms.

For the sake of analogy, imagine that each of neuron is like a single frame in a billion picture roll of film. You move through life "snapping pictures" of your experiences, storing them as (+) (-) digital values in mind, depending how you feel about them. You'll re-experience them in a myriad ways by "re-thinking" them back to life.

The mind is drawn from a limited sphere of awareness. A mind
can summon units of awareness going back to the primordial soup - but it most often doesn't. Most of us just replay A LIMITED selection of images from our life's film over and over again. Our mind seems to lock onto limited patterns or paradigms of its potential. Our conscious (or subconscious) memories are templates that channel our behaviour. The repetition of an action causes a repetition of reaction - or as the wise say: "Same shit, different day!" Soon the brain can entertain no alternatives.

Paradigms set the way in which our "in-here" assembles its perceptions of "out there". They limit creative potential and the attainment of wellbeing. Our neurological patterns are those habits that keep us anchored in mediocrity while, at every moment, an infinite potential is all about us.

A neurological context shapes our memories and then our life by telling us how things are
. This interferes with our ability to think about how they could be.

"Mind" is our instrument of discernment - good, bad programming, shapes the patterns and habits. These paradigms store and regurgitate memory in continuum, until a mind is "all made up".
Try to imagine what you could be missing. The mind is a generator of "creative capital". It can link with others to produce health, wealth and wisdom.

You can
"re-pattern" old memories into whole new perceptions. There are dozens of syntheses, tools and exercises that can empower your "mind". Creative intelligence is available as a conscious choice.

A world of paradigms…

The left panel shows the neurological connections of a baby after its birth;
the center panel shows neural connections in a 6 month old child's brain and, on the right, that of a 2 year old.

We can make new connections everyday of our lives or be stuck in a rut of repetition and limiting paradigms.

A paradigm-shift away from your limits…

You can choose to awaken specific higher brain circuits and get magical. Evolution is available to you if you activate your brain's neurons along preselected "neural pathways". You can choose to link a series of new "neural nets".

"How" this is done can be understood in simple GI/GO and GSI/GSO programming: Garbage in/Garbage out -vs- Great stuff/Great stuff out

In example - Imagine a shy person who decides to spend a weekend naked in a nudist resort. That person has all kinds of neural connections that shape his or her shyness. The new if somewhat shocking experience would flood the person's brain with consciousness that would quickly create thousands of new neural connections that could completely remodel the shyness. If that person was aware that the energy rush and great heat that is given off in absolute total self-consciousness as the result of the process, he or she could influence the process. He or she might savour the feelings of being embarrassed, experiencing it as excitement instead of dread, knowing that the heat of the energy and the facial/body redness are nothing more than consciousness creating new many new pathways on the way to liberation. In the new synthesis => Shyness = Nirvana.

You can invest in your creative capital. Make a bucket list of the experiences you'd like to have before you take the final journey into the great beyond. Conscious choice and concrete actions can even transform shyness into faded memory.
Assemble the neurons that will do you the most good.

As you create new neural pathways and networks, you can accomplish a noble task or an important work. You can grow in spirit… and reap joyful thoughts from your outstanding new memories.